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Michael Zieger m.zieger at kem.ac.at
Mon Oct 27 19:51:18 EST 1997

At 00:18 27.10.97 -0500, Ranjit Annamalai wrote:
>> There is nothing wrong with thinking in USA-centric mode; I live in the
>> USA so naturally I would think that way.  When I live in Germany, I think
>> in Germany-centric mode.  There's now way I can know if you are in CET,
>> PST, or GMT.
>So I guess you don't see why women dislike the universal "he" or "man" ?
>Thinking that way may not be wrong but when you imply that everyone else
>thinks the same then people start to get slightly annoyed.  I think
>people just like to be acknowledged that there is a world outside of the
>speakers world.
I do totally agree with the last statement. The Internet is a totally new
thing, and you have to think in totally new dimensions. Never before
world-wide conversations were held between so many different people in
different nations. Now you have to think that things like "I go sleep now"
or "Time to go to work" may be funny to the rest of the world.

mike (from Austria/EUROPE, and it's now 18:50)

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