[rc5] RC64 keyspace

Ryan Krueger rskrueger at jtmd.com
Mon Oct 27 13:08:53 EST 1997

>So the best way we have to break the encryption is to use brute-force.
>Unless you know something we all don't.  ;-)

This is not true.  All encryption techniques have flaws.  There are 
mathematical ways to elimate portions of the keyspace.  This depends on 
the encryption method and your knowledge of the problem:  known 
plaintext, unknown plaintext, etc.  Now, we have an easier one:  known 
plaintext--we know a portion of the plaintext!

I don't remember specifically the flaws in RC5.  Does anybody have 
Applied Cryptography handy?  It will probably show how to eliminate parts 
of the keyspace.

Of course, the point of Bovine (and the rest) is to prove that low bit 
encryption is susceptible to brute force.

Ryan Krueger
Senior Analyst
ryan at jtmd.com
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