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Bill Plein bill at diablo.net
Mon Oct 27 11:28:53 EST 1997

>As a bit of a chess study, I find myself thinking that a distributed
>chess engine is actually quite a good idea.  Deep Blue's advantage was
>not only speed, but that it had an enormous library of games that it had
>"played" against itself.  Why can't distributed.net do this?  We don't
>even need to schedule any games against any other players.  Simply build
>up a database (albeit enormous one) of _all_possible_moves_.  Yes, this
>is a huge number (perhaps larger than RC5-128?), but then again there
>are chunks of moves that we simply don't need to process (who really
>moves 1. a2-a4?).  If we eliminate these trees, that's a lot of moves
>eliminated from our search.

Perhaps larger than RC128? DEFINITELY! 

The keyservers and clients don't store a whole key, they store an OFFSET
that describes the keyblock. So they don't keep information about all of
the 268million keys in a block, just the offset for the beginning of the

Describing a board configuration and the move therein would take a lot more
data than describing a single RC-128 key, and describing all possible board
configurations and all possible moves for that board. Whoa, that's a HUGRE

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