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Sebastian Kuzminsky kuzminsk at taussky.cs.colorado.edu
Mon Oct 27 14:08:14 EST 1997

JP Rosevear <webmaster at usjc.uwaterloo.ca> wrote:
] It would be an interesting experiment to see experimentally how many
] different positions current chess engines have for consideration at the end
] of x number of ply after alpha-beta pruning.  I admit I am no expert either
] (just a strong interest), but this would give an idea of how serious the
] I/O problem is.  In addition it make give us a target for ply before
] returning.  ie If 10 ply returns 1000 positions and 12 ply 100 000 then we
] stop a 10 ply say.

   On my Pentium 133 with 64 MB RAM, Gnuchess 4.0.77 can look ahead 5
moves (10 ply) in no time at all (less than a second).  Hm, 10 ply
include about 30^10 positions, which is 6*10^14.

   But if each board takes 200 bits to store, that's tens of thousands
of terabytes.  How do they do it?  Is there a computer chess programmer
in the house?


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