[rc5] v3

Joseph Fisk joe at rm405n-a.roberts.fit.edu
Tue Oct 28 00:55:05 EST 1997

>    But if each board takes 200 bits to store, that's tens of thousands
> of terabytes.  How do they do it?  Is there a computer chess programmer
> in the house?

You could store each possiblity (every single combination wouldn't have to
be stored; those that lead immediately to checkmate, for example =) as
only a few bits describing the change from the previous state.  Also
(6*10^14)*200bits = 15000000000000000 terabytes. =)

There is bound to be a lot of repition there; zip would probably take it
down significantly although obviously that many terabytes is pretty
extreme.  hehehe..


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