[rc5] The prize money....EOT.

Brian Wilson wilsonb at mindspring.net
Mon Oct 27 19:00:49 EST 1997

Put it this way:  It's free and almost effortless.  The odds are
horrendously long but hey, when you (me, for example) can
enter 171,000 times per second.... without having to do anything
but not shut off the computer (and risk the wrath of the 
kittens all over it, yes, but still)...  It's a no-brainer
as far as I'm concerned.

But now that I'm taking the effort to write an email about
this, I will say I didn't do this for the money, for Project
Guttenberg (although that was a good reason), or to thumb
my nose at the govt (although that was a good reason too)..
I just basically did it to be a part of a larger effort.
To be part of the beginnings of something really cool.  When
the annals of distributed computing are written, and the 
name 'Bovine' appears in there, I can say "Hey, I was a part
of that, I checked .0012% of the keyspace".  Not much, but
I was there.  I'm there now.  And I'll keep being there
as long as I can.  This has the potential of being something
really fabulous, regardless of stats or propretary clients
or the preposterousness of whatever mission we've chosen.
We're quietly demonstrating something huge to the world,
and sooner or later what we're doing will be acknowledged.
And whether you did it for a thousand bucks, for the next
generation of the printing press, or to tell Bill and the 
boys to take a hike, you were part of something potentially
historical.  We all proved it could be done, and will continue
to do so.  And even if 90% of the computer users out there 
could care less, we know the potential.  We've seen the
power.  We saw the impossible accomplished.  We were there.

We are cows.  Hear us moo.

Go get 'em, Bovine.


At 03:43 PM 10/27/97 -0600, you wrote:
>     "far better"?  Thpical stats were ".001% of the keyspace checked."  
>     And, extrapolating to the entire keyspace, that would become ".002%" 
>     of the keyspace.  So that's one in five thousand.  Sertainly better 
>     than betting on the dogs, but not so much and wildly better than the 
>     lottery comparison that keeps floating around.
>            -- Eric Gindrup ! gindrup at Okway.okstate.edu

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