[rc5] -runbuffers weirdness ME TOO

Tim Charron tcharron at interlog.com
Mon Oct 27 21:05:09 EST 1997

> I also have problems with the client getting stuck at the end of
> the buff-in file.
> > I am running rc5-64 on several computers without direct net access, so I'm
> > using the -runbuffers option to process a full buffer.  When the client
> > empties a buffer, it leaves behind 1 or 2 keyblocks in the incoming buffer.
> > When I start another rc564 to finish off the buff-in file, it just sits
> > there churning forever (well, at least till I stop it.).

This bug has been found.  The fix will be included in rc56402.

> > There's a log output from the client.  Note the "592.73% complete."  This
> > entry is from a client that spent about 2.5-3 hours churning on these
> > "phantom" blocks.

I hav heard of this once before.  Can anyone describe circumstances 
that might lead to this happening?

-- Tim 
Tim Charron
tcharron at interlog.com
tcharron at ctfinance.com

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