[rc5] An Idea of the V3 protocol

wooledge at kellnet.com wooledge at kellnet.com
Mon Oct 27 22:13:49 EST 1997

lunaslide (lunaslyd at pacbell.net) wrote:

> On the network at work and at home (and at 
> school as soon as I get linux running there), I have one machine with 
> dial-up access and the rest of the machines on the network with 
> unregistered IP addresses or IPX addresses which cannot communicate 
> direstly with the internet.

This sounds like the situation for which personal proxies (pproxies)
were invented.  But I've never used them.

>Do the personal proxies have the ability 
> to use dynamically assigned IP addresses?

I don't see how that's a problem.  On the internal network, all your
machines may have static IP addresses, since they're not directly attached
to the Internet -- that includes the Linux gateway.  If the Wintel boxes
(or whatever) are and and the Linux gateway is,
then the RC5 clients on the Wintel boxes just need to talk to the proxy
at  They don't care whether the Linux gateway is connected to
the Internet, or what its current IP address is on the point-to-point
interface -- they only see the internal LAN interface.

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