[rc5] more problems with the new stats...

James Mastros root at jennifer-unix.dyn.ml.org
Mon Oct 27 22:33:43 EST 1997

Whops... should have waited longer before sending that last one...
I just went to register my team, and I saw the following error message: "The
file c:\RC5Web\tm_create.idc could not be opened".  Looks like the page
isn't there yet, but the text of the previous page seemed to sugest that it

Also, you should be able to search for either a team or an individual.  The
text suguests you can only lookup teams.

		   Current Bovine Rate: ~5894.11 mkeys/sec
	       If Keys were dollars, we could pay off the U.S.
		       National Debt in 14.70 minutes.
     -=- http://rc5stats.distributed.net/statbar.html (Tue Oct 21 1997)

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