[rc5] more problems with the new stats...

Eric Leblanc jughead at generation.net
Mon Oct 27 22:58:43 EST 1997

James Mastros wrote:
> Whops... should have waited longer before sending that last one...
> I just went to register my team, and I saw the following error message: "The
> file c:\RC5Web\tm_create.idc could not be opened".  Looks like the page
> isn't there yet, but the text of the previous page seemed to sugest that it
> was.

Well, James, isn't Nugget saying in the page rc5stats.distributed.net 
that the stats aren't up yet? I seem to recall a statement like :
"Nothing on this page works. I'm only interested in layout/design stuff.
I like this design , if you don't like it tell me now" or similar.

> Also, you should be able to search for either a team or an individual. > The text suguests you can only lookup teams.

I believe you can. Isn't there a search for team and a search for e-mail

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