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Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Tue Oct 28 00:10:14 EST 1997

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David McNett (nugget at slacker.com), on 10/27/97 11:55 PM, wrote the

>Mike Fisher was telling SethD what he could do with his guarantees:

Nope, nope, nope... I think that was Nugget telling me what I could with
them, actually. :)

>>>Could somebody define 'guarantee' for me, please?
>>Oh come on now.... He's apparently working on it as fast as he can...
>>the new layout rocks!

Now, now... if I was really getting on him, I'd have said something nasty.

See, alot of you know that I run the (inherited) distributed-mac website. 
whole lot of people seem to think we're the Macintosh arm of
distributed.net... know what that means? That means that I get 25 - 30
email every day, that fall somewhere between helpless, pitiful pleading 
near-life-threatening demands for the stats to go up NOW!!!!!

I have a form letter now, that I send back to them all, politely 
that well we have  a similar name to distributed.net, and our 'news items'
often cover them, we aren't actually affiliate with them.

The depressing part of this is that about half of the people either don't
understand that message, or just don't believe me. :) They write back to 
and say so!

So, I wasn't being mean to David, I was just passing a little of what I've
gotten on to him, in a ribbingly-sort-of-way. ;) He did sort of earn it,
after all, with that (even when he said it) jinxed-himself guarantee.

IT professionals, myself included, should all know better than to ever
promise exactly when something will be done. All you're really 
is that when something goes wrong, somebody (like me) is going to tease 
about it!

Makes me wonder about another promise... something about v.3 protocols
within a certain amount of time... hmmmmmmm........

>I appreciate the support Mike.
you need it ;)

>Let me just state for the record that Seth's ribbing was completely
>justified.  As a fellow stats-fiend, I understand completely how
>frustrating this is with no pretty numbers to look at.  It's even more
>fristrating for me because I don't have anyone to point my finger at
>and gripe about.  :)
>Rest-assured, I'm working on the stats even now. 

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