[rc5] -runbuffers weirdness ME TOO

Richard Ellis rellis at erols.com
Tue Oct 28 03:15:14 EST 1997

> > > There's a log output from the client.  Note the "592.73% complete."  This
> > > entry is from a client that spent about 2.5-3 hours churning on these
> > > "phantom" blocks.
> I hav heard of this once before.  Can anyone describe circumstances 
> that might lead to this happening?

Take the mt-linux rc56401 client, configure it for a few blocks (more than
2), and download those blocks.  Run the client on the buff-in file with the
-runbuffers option and wait for the client to halt itself due to an emtpy
buff-in file.

It will leave a key or two in the buff-in file. 

Attempt the restart the client with -runbuffers to finish off the buff-in
file.   The first key it starts working on will be a "stuck" key, or at
least that's been my experience so far.


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