[rc5] Mac client problems

Rob Winters rob at annapurna.com
Tue Oct 28 08:41:48 EST 1997

On Tue, 28 Oct 1997, Ryan Dumperth wrote:
> Well, a lot of people read and respond to this list. You probably don't
> need a developer to help you with whatever problem you're having. I've been
> using the various incarnations of the v2 Mac client for many months now
> with nary a pain in my neck. If you're having trouble understanding how to
> configure it, please post to the list, and I'm sure you'll get the answer
> you need.

I have the Mac client on a high-speed permanent net connection and a
low-speed (POTS) permanent net connection. Clients on both connections
need daily tending, because they are always giving up and going "offline",
even when I set the network retry timeout very high. It's not my network
connections either, because I can contact all of these sites with other
network tools *while this is going on*. I've seen it "fixed" by a reboot,
and also by toggling "offline" a dozen or more times; eventually it wakes
the Hell up. It's way too much trouble to keep several Macs going like
this, without them ending up generating random blocks and unable to flush.
I don't mind my computers working a Sisyphean task, so long as I don't
have to join them.

The PowerMacs are the only ones I really care about; running 7.6 and 8. No
problems with FreeBSD, Solaris or NT.

 /// Rob

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