One Time Pad (was: Re: [rc5] The DOS client appears at last!)

Ranjit Annamalai rxa21 at
Tue Oct 28 10:16:09 EST 1997

I remember reading a month or so ago about some people who had come up
with some new algorithms.  One was for searching, they say in a binary
tree, you only have to search half the tree (thats correct isn't it?)
but this new algorigthm allowed you search 1/10th of the tree to find
your answer.  I thought the other answer was for breaking encryption
which allowed exponential increases in the likelihood of finding a key
when using brute force.  Anyone read this and know what I am talking

Robert N. Waybright wrote:

> for the NSA.  He asked Phil how long it would take them (NSA) to break PGP
> (not if they could).  By the end of the conversation it was clear it is a
> lot less time than anyone had previously suspected (and they were talking
> about 1024 bit).  Security is a relative thing.
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