[rc5] Mac client problems

Edwin ten Dam etd at st-andrews.ac.uk
Tue Oct 28 16:33:04 EST 1997

Thus spoke the keyboard of Rob Winters (28/10/97):

>Checking on my fastest machine (a PowerMac 9500, 430K/sec), I see that it
>has been generating random blocks all night, and 114 buffers are waiting
>to flush. I am unable to get it back online. I even ftp'ed from
>distributed.net *from the same machine* to get a replacement program.
>Re-booted. Quit all other apps. It's dead, Jim.
>Does the Mac client or the Mac IP stack not handle the first two failures
>as well as UNIX, or what? Should I point to rc5proxy.distributed.net by
>IP, or what? Also, the connection, once made, times out pretty darn
>quickly: about 10 seconds. Not very POTS-line friendly.
>A setting for "never go offline, just try again later" or "manually try
>another machine" would also be nice. These machines are never offline.

Here's a message from Andrew Meggs on

http://www.distributed-mac.net/ :

Regarding problems that people are having connecting to proxies:

You may be able to improve the reliability of the connection by going to
the "Network Settings..." dialog box, and selecting the fifth firewall
option for expert mode. You can (and probably should) leave the network
options that it enables at their default values, but just having those
options enabled like that can make things work better.

This is due to a bug in a client that had to be made very quickly, and this
and other problems, such as the erratic key rate display, will be fixed
shortly in a 2.001+ update that includes revised RC5-64 docs from Nate.

So the author(s) are aware that there is a network problem and are working
on it. A fix is in the pipeline. Just choose expert mode in the network
settings and leave the defaults as they are. It works for me (although
admittedly I'm using rc5europroxy.distributed.net as my roundrobin proxy

Good luck!


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