Distributed Chess Theory Was: Re: [rc5] v3

Skip Huffman SHuffman at Atl.Carreker.Com
Tue Oct 28 10:03:39 EST 1997

On Mon, 27 Oct 1997 17:08:01 -0500, Christopher Hodson (Consultant)

>64 squares * (7 possible pieces(NULL,K,Q,B,Kn,R,p) * (2 colors))

Maybe we are measuring this wrong.  Rather than transmitting the
current board and all state conditions, could we send a description of
the entire game thus far and allow the client to determine turn order,
en passant and castling opportunities, etc.

Let's see ... to describe a move you need two pieces of information,
the piece that is moving and its destination.

To describe the piece we need four bits (no need to determine color, it
will always alternate white/black).  To describe its destination you
need an additional six bits.  So ten bits per move.  

With this protocol over 100 moves could be included in a single X.25
packet with room for TCP/IP headers and to spare.  

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