[rc5] Distributed Chess Was: Re:v3 (Resending, I think first one failed)

Lathrop Preston lp0027 at drake.edu
Tue Oct 28 12:37:33 EST 1997

>>64 squares * (7 possible pieces(NULL,K,Q,B,Kn,R,p) * (2 colors))
>Maybe we are measuring this wrong.  Rather than transmitting the
>current board and all state conditions, could we send a description of
>the entire game thus far and allow the client to determine turn order,
>en passant and castling opportunities, etc.
>Let's see ... to describe a move you need two pieces of information,
>the piece that is moving and its destination.
>To describe the piece we need four bits (no need to determine color, it
>will always alternate white/black).  To describe its destination you
>need an additional six bits.  So ten bits per move.
>With this protocol over 100 moves could be included in a single X.25
>packet with room for TCP/IP headers and to spare.

I think you math is wrong on sending the entire game.

Lathrop L Preston    LP0027 at DRAKE.EDU

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