[rc5] V3 Questions and Concerns

Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Tue Oct 28 12:58:36 EST 1997

Eric Gindrup wrote:
I'm not going to bother cleaning this up this time...

>         Although true that Java cores are not as high-performance as
> native
>      cores, the extra security is likely to draw in people who would
> not be
>      comfortable downloading "strange" software to run unsupervised.
> This
>      would increase the effectiveness of the Effort.
>         There are a whole bunch of reasons that this is a good thing
> and
>      the only reason I've really heard opposing it is that the Java
>      performance isn't good enough.  I counter, though, that 0kps is
>      infinitely worse than 1kps.

 Nobody seems to want to combine the web page, java applets, easy
download, and poor java performance into the obvious, a real,
live, productive, DEMO!

 Sure, look here! Load this URL and watch your PC crunch keys,
perform signal analysis on radio telescope signals, workout chess
moves, or whatever. Then if the indi is interested, they can chase
down the high performance core and let it run as an app and not an

The object oriented forms of communication that the later JDK
offers is also a plus. Download the 'object' which includes the
data and the methods, execute the 'process' method and then send
it back. For apps that are sensitive to easy sabotage, the object
includes methods for authentication. If the app requires a 24/7
connection, it drops itself out when the communications fail. If
it requires a high performance platform, it drops out when the
client fails to meet spec.

The generic 'client' doesn't have to know about any of this. All
it has to know is how to get objects from the servers, how to ID
itself to the processing objects, how to run them, and how to
return objects to the servers. Perhaps the objects can do this
last part themselves.

The user config can be simple or complex. The user can say:
 "I want to run SETI, or anything else that is heavy on flops".
 "I've got lots of mips"
 "I want to do the chess database, primes, or the current RC5
 in that order."

Let the servers hold the intelligence to figure out what work
is available and what to dispatch to which cpu. Let the objects
decide for novices if they are running on an appropriate
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