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Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Tue Oct 28 15:38:52 EST 1997

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Rob Winters (rob at annapurna.com), on 10/28/97 11:04 AM, wrote the 

>Checking on my fastest machine (a PowerMac 9500, 430K/sec), I see that it
>has been generating random blocks all night, and 114 buffers are waiting
>to flush. I am unable to get it back online. I even ftp'ed from
>distributed.net *from the same machine* to get a replacement program.
>Re-booted. Quit all other apps. It's dead, Jim.
>The errors in the log are:
>Network::Error Read failed3/0
>Network::Open Error
>This is running MacOS 8.
>When telnet'ing from an adjacent workstation, I get:
>$ telnet rc5proxy.distributed.net 2056
>telnet: connect to address Connection refused
>telnet: connect to address Connection refused
>Connected to rc5proxy.distributed.net.
>Escape character is '^]'.
>Connection closed by foreign host.
Go to the client menu, choose "Network Settings"
Turn on "expert mode" at the bottom of the window.
Make sure the proxy is "rc5proxy.distributed.net"
Port should be 2064
UUencoding ON
HTTP encoding ON
Click on OK

>Does the Mac client or the Mac IP stack not handle the first two failures
>as well as UNIX, or what? Should I point to rc5proxy.distributed.net by
>IP, or what? Also, the connection, once made, times out pretty darn
>quickly: about 10 seconds. Not very POTS-line friendly.
>A setting for "never go offline, just try again later" or "manually try
>another machine" would also be nice. These machines are never offline.

It does have this setting:
Go to the client menu, choose "Network Settings"
Put a zero into the textbox at "Switch to offline mode after:"
Click on "OK"

Hope this helps,

Seth Dillingham

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