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Bill Plein bill at diablo.net
Tue Oct 28 16:16:12 EST 1997

At 12:51 AM 10/29/97 +0100, you wrote:
>>Then why give them free blocks? Huh? What type of contest is it in which
>>all the players help each other?
>I guess you've forgotten one thing..
>This is not about making more blocks, but about finding the key.

And you reduce your chances to be the first to find the key IF you give
away blocks.

If you want to find a key, and you don't care if you are first, you can go
after DES again. That would be a hollow victory. The only "good" solution
is to be the FIRST.

I can tell that this group is divided multiple ways:

1)	Academic vs. Non-Academic
	I'm not talking about whether you are in school or teach at one, I am
talking about Prime Numbers vs. commercial applications. If Distributed.Net
wants to, they can tune this into a commercial product for distributed
computing. But they have to overcome serious limitations that they are
NEVER going to find out about while exploring truly academic pursuits like
Prime Numbers or brute force encryption.

	This is not to knock the effort. In fact, they need this experience in
order to step up the the next level. But I am not interested in prime
numbers OR chess, but only the means to distribute computing. The ends only
serve the purpose of testing technologies. I guess that I'm more interested
in the MEANS by which we crack RC5.

2)	Competitive vs. Cooperative

	If you are interested in honing technology, you compete against Cyberian.
	If you are interested in cracking a key (which we know how to do and
doesn't REQUIRE new technology), then you combine efforts.

	I'm interested in COMPETITION, in making Distributed.Net a better tool for
distributed technology.

Finding a key is trivial, it just takes BRUTE FORCE. Finding it faster than
the next guy takes constant improvement, constant striving, constant

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