[rc5] RC64 keyspace

Bill Plein bill at diablo.net
Tue Oct 28 17:35:34 EST 1997

>That sounds right to me, too.  In 56-bit RC5 there were 2^28 blocks.  With
>two bits per block you would need 536,870,912 bits, or 67.1MB.

While I think it is important to run these type of numbers, has anyone
thought about this in the "real world".

Minimum byte examples do NOT help you in the real world. Such data isn't
indexed; it cannot be viewed easily.

RDBMSes, specifically SQL databases such as the one that the Bovine crew
are using to track your all important stats, have a huge amount of
overhead. This overhead is necessary in order to allow searching, random
access, etc.

While I think that it is important to run the "back of the napkin" numbers
in order to get a absolute lowest number, these numbers are useless in
determining the storage necessary in the real world (unless, of course, you
don't plan on LOOKING at the data ever again).

Bill Plein
bill at diablo.net 
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