[rc5] Sharing or not....

Jakin Heusinkveld jakin at execpc.com
Tue Oct 28 20:37:25 EST 1997

I agree with Steve.  Our competition is not Cyberian, or IM, or any
other group that decides to start a distributed effort.  Our competition
is the insane government policies that limit export.  I agree that
competition will move technology ahead, and that is VERY important.  My
feeling is that competition will still exist even if we do share our
keyspaces.  Here's what I feel is the perfect scenario:

We tell Cyberian, and anyone else what we've checked...and they tell us
what they've checked.  We still race to the finish building faster and
better clients in an attempt to beat Cyberian, but we are not spinning
our wheels by checking what they've checked.  We compete against each
other for glory, but cooperate in attaining the same goal.

We know that Brute Force works, and it just requires time.  We are not
trying to prove that to the government.  What we are trying to prove is
that a brute force attack against these smaller keys can be done in a
small amount of time with a coordinated distributed effort.  So if we
cooperate we finish faster.  The faster we finish...the bigger statement
we make.

Now...a proposal.  When we break RC5-64 in the next year(Wishful
Thinking) I propose that we start an RC5-56 run to present to the
Government.  In a year distributed.net is bound to be so big that we
could crack RC5-56 in a couple o weeks.  That would really send a
message to Uncle Sam!

My 2 Lincolns.

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