[rc5] Sharing or not....

Bill Plein bill at diablo.net
Tue Oct 28 19:43:17 EST 1997

>I agree with Steve.  Our competition is not Cyberian, or IM, or any
>other group that decides to start a distributed effort.  Our competition
>is the insane government policies that limit export.  I agree that
>competition will move technology ahead, and that is VERY important.  My
>feeling is that competition will still exist even if we do share our
>keyspaces.  Here's what I feel is the perfect scenario:

See, you have different goals. Lot's of people here want to do chess. They
aren't competing, they are doing this for the pure academic fun of it all.
Me, I want to compete against other technologies. You, you want to send a
message to the government. 

So what we have, in my brief outline, is 3 different goals. And each one
brings with it different rules for optimization. All are good for honing
new technology. The only upshot of your goal (via bringing in Cyberian) is
that MAYBE, just MAYBE, Cyberian and Distributed can come up with a common
protocol for key sharing, one that could work its way into V3 or later,
that would fine tune the technology. But if we lose our competition, then
we may lose some of that EDGE that keeps us going.

Unlike many people on this list, I think that competition is good for
people, business, and technology. So that is MY goal in this endeavor.

Bill Plein
bill at diablo.net 
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