[rc5] Block size

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Wed Oct 29 07:20:31 EST 1997

'Irwan Hadi' said previously:

| Yeah You are right, but say I;m running the client with a double P II 266 
| MHz processor, and I left the machine , say for 1 week.
| I think the computer will throw away it;s energy maybe for 4 days , because 
| when it has checked the 200 blocks in it buff-in file, it doesn't 
| automatically off , does it ?

Unless you've configured it otherwise, it should start working on randomly
selected blocks when it runs out of blocks that it's been assigned to by
the keyserver.  That way, to at least some extent, you know that your
cycles aren't completely wasted.  I don't know if the clients try to 
intelligently pick "random" key blocks to work or not to avoid recalculating
blocks that have been already done.  I don't see how they really could 
without carrying a huge amount of state information with them.

I do believe the 64-bit clients have an option for setting the upper 8
bits of the randomly selected keys.  If I'm interpreting this correctly,
the "randomprefix" option in the .INI file will set this.  My copy of the
Win32 client came with that set to 100 (hex 0x64 -- cute!).  So, you can 
somewhat guide your client to crack in keyspaces which are not likely to 
be covered yet by setting this to some different number (you've got 255 
others to choose from) so it can productively crack with little likelihood
of misdirected effort in the absence of blocks from a keyserver.

Right now, my single P-II/300 chows through up to 250 blocks a day, so 
I have it dial in twice a day to replenish its store.  Basically, it grabs
up to 200 blocks and then gets as far as it can until the next successful 
dialin, at which time I run a rc564 -update.  Works pretty well, even if I
miss a dialin here or there (eg. ISP goes down or something).  Even if I
only dialed in once every day or two, my machine will still happily 
generate random blocks to keep itself busy.



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