[rc5] Distributed Chess camps

Christopher Hodson (Consultant) cmh at fpk.hp.com
Wed Oct 29 10:21:41 EST 1997

As I see it, there are two camps on how to do "distributed chess"

	1. distributed.net would be a deep-blue-like supercomputer
		to challenge someone for a single game.
	2. treat chess as a computer problem to be solved.

I find myself in camp #2, but either way, we should begin with WHAT
we are going to do before we try to get into implementation details
such as how many bits to use.  I have some ideas on how to go about
solving chess, but perhaps this should be moved to a different list?

Let me know if you would like to hear my ideas.
Christopher M. Hodson
System Admin (Consultant)
Hewlett Packard Engineering Services Group
cmh at fpk.hp.com
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