[rc5] Netware client

Steve Trottier STROTTIER at novell.com
Wed Oct 29 09:17:30 EST 1997

I'm running it on seven servers here ranging from 486 to Pentium Pro and I'm
using the default nice and timeslice settings. I haven't noticed any
slowdown or any other problems. Taking a quick look at the stats shows 593
blocks processed by NetWare, so at least some people have it working.

By chance, do you have "set upgrade low priority threads = on" set? If you
do, the rc564 thread will be upgraded from low to normal priority. But even
so, I have "upgrade low priority threads = on" set on some of my servers and
off on others and I haven't seen the problem you describe. The rc564.nlm
does a thread switch at the end of every timeslice to ensure that other
processes get the time they need.

>From the error message it looks like you are using IntraNetWare (4.11a). So
am I. Are you running any other unusual NLMs?

Steve Trottier <strottier at novell.com>
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>>> Michael Zieger <m.zieger at kem.ac.at> 10/29 8:05 AM >>>
Has anyone successfully used the Netware client? I can start the client
with the "-config" option, that works. But when I start it to calculate, it
seems to use _ALL_ CPU time, and after some time Netware sends this message:

Server MILKY_WAY halted Wednesday, 29 October 1997  11.34.45 
Abend: Server-4.11a: CPU Hog Detected by Timer

Then an automatic restart is done.
I tried to set the "timeslice=500" but the problem still occurs. (Nice was
always 0).

Any ideas?
thanks, mike

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