[rc5] Distributed Chess camps

Richard Freeman rfreeman at netaxs.com
Wed Oct 29 15:05:09 EST 1997

On Wed, 29 Oct 1997, Sebastian Kuzminsky wrote:

>    I am sceptical about the idea of 'solving' chess.  Where would you
> store the solution?  Solving sub-problems of chess (generating end-game
> tables and playing single games) is doable, but not the general problem.

Actually, storing the solution is not the main problem - just figuring it
out.  You could store it as a tree of some sort.  Suppose white always
wins.  White starts out with a move (determined from the solution) - you
then branch on how black reacts and read what white does, then branch.
While the total number of possible chess games is huge, the number of
possible moves in this sort of tree is not nearly so large - you only need
one opening move (which tremendously reduces the size of the tree), and
all the branches will die off at some point.  I suppose the best game is
the one in which black lasts the longest.  On the other hand, if black
always wins, then you will have to record a lot more stuff - since white
can start off with any move.  Chances are that if we were to actually
solve chess - we would have more than enough resources that we could
afford to store the restuls :).  I think that nothing more than endgames
is really feasible.  Of course, this is just like cracking successive
keylengths - eventually your endgame is the original board setup...

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