[rc5] Distributed Chess camps

Sebastian Kuzminsky kuzminsk at taussky.cs.colorado.edu
Wed Oct 29 13:39:57 EST 1997

Sebastian Kuzminsky <kuzminsk at cs.colorado.edu> wrote:
]    I am sceptical about the idea of 'solving' chess.  Where would you
] store the solution?

Richard Freeman <rfreeman at netaxs.com> wrote:
] Actually, storing the solution is not the main problem - just figuring it
] out.  You could store it as a tree of some sort.

   True, figuring out the solution is a significant problem in itself,
but even if you could solve it, you couldn't store the solution.  There
is not enough storage space available in the Universe.

   To see that this is true, assume that the average chess game is 30
moves (60 ply) long.  Assume that the average branching factor is 30.
Assume you can store and entire game in 1 (one) byte.

   Then there are 30^60 possible games.  That's about 4e88 games.  This
requires 4e88 bytes of storage.  That's 4e76 terabytes.  For reference,
there are about 1e80 or 1e90 particles (protons, electrons, etc) in the
observable Universe.


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