[rc5] More ideas for v3

Eric Gindrup gindrup at okway.okstate.edu
Wed Oct 29 17:42:43 EST 1997

     I imagined multiple project service points (like D.N) where project 
     lists were mirrored and information for linking up to the proxy 
     network for that project.  Then the conversations would be similar to 
     what you specified but the "server" would  differ for project list 
     query than for project block query.
     I also imagined the ability to slide sliders by the projects I wanted 
     so my client could hit the project service proxy networks so as to 
     match my interest settings.  Right now, my settings would be about 
     ~40% RC5-64 and ~%60% Golomb Rulers (as I am running both clients and 
     don't have a Win3.x client yet).
     I'd expect the client to detect the absence of a native core on 
     startup and only throw a dialog asking if the native core should be 
     downloaded then (while continuing multithreadedly in the background 
     (in case the power sank overnight and the process was restarted)) 
     signature and source information would go there.
     Source organization, program sources, and homepage information should 
     be displayed while thumbing through the projects lists (with links) 
     and not during the client conversations.
     In effect, every couple of days, the user runs the project manager and 
     connects to a central project site mirror to get the current list and 
     select preferences.  On each restart, the client should check for 
     native cores and ask if the user would like them downloaded (in a 
     non-modal way).  At that point, the client is talking to both the 
     project proxies and to the meta-project mirrors.  Then for almost all 
     other transactions, the client should not need a human nnd should only 
     communicate with the project proxies previously specified.
     I don't have a problem with your conversation models.  I'm concerned 
     about data partitioning and the intended time-scales of user 
            -- Eric Gindrup ! gindrup at Okway.okstate.edu

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Subject: [rc5] More ideas for v3 
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Date:    1997/10/29 17:23

There seem to be several basic questions raging about v3 (directly, rather 
then specific projects that might be implemented).
1)  How projects will be chosen.  (To be chugged on any specific machine) 
2)  How projects will be added to the list of distibuted.net possible 
3)  What architecture we will use to suport this.
        -=- James Mastros

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