[rc5] Re: Re[2]: Distributed Chess Theory

The Man theman at fallout.dyndns.com
Wed Oct 29 15:58:24 EST 1997

Martin Regan wrote:

[large snipage]

> Database size ~2^128
> 32 pieces to be placed.  (64 squares (ignoring off the board)
>   64!
> ------
> (64-32)! (8!) (8!) 6*(2!)
> ~ 2^140  (reduced to 2^128 as a guess as to how many of these
> positions are actually obtainable.  I could be way off.
> Comments anyone?

Even if you are way off on the high side, it's not possible. As has been
mentioned before, there is no conceivable way to store this much
information. Regardless of whether the database is built one move at a
time or one branch at a time, we just don't have 2^128 bits worth of
disk space. That is 2^120 bytes, or about 1.3e24 Terabytes. Even if your
estimate is too large by a factor of 10^10, there is not, and never will
be, any way to store that much information. I'll give you credit,
though; at least your estimate will fit into the Universe. :)

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