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wooledge at kellnet.com wooledge at kellnet.com
Wed Oct 29 19:42:40 EST 1997

Bill Plein (bill at diablo.net) wrote:

> >Here's a shot in the dark.  Is your SMTP server perhaps pop.diablo.net
> >instead of diablo.net?  No?  OK.  :)
> Nope. In fact, people outside my subnet (or across the internet) can use
> it, but I cannot. Timing issue, maybe a slow responding sendmail client?

To me, that just screams "firewall".

First, make sure that what *you* see as diablo.net is the same thing that
"people outside my subnet" see as diablo.net.

On my home system (directly on the Internet) I see this:

diablo.net              MX      20 notel.com
diablo.net              MX      30 value.net
diablo.net              MX      10 diablo.net

diablo.net              A

Which means that "diablo.net" (as a host) is at address,
and the that host "diablo.net" is the first-choice mail exchanger for
the domain "diablo.net".

At the time I tried (see Date) I get this response from the host:
220 decimate.diablo.net ESMTP Sendmail 8.8.5/8.8.5; Wed, 29 Oct 1997 16:36:58 -0800

So, try it from your computer: first do an nslookup to make sure that
the host "diablo.net" which *you* see is the same as what I see; then
try "telnet diablo.net 25" and make sure you get an SMTP response.

If you get the same results but the Bovine client still can't connect,
then something is really wrong. :-(

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