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Glen Mcbride Glen_Mcbride at BayNetworks.COM
Thu Oct 30 12:46:39 EST 1997

At 18:01 29/10/97 -0500, you wrote:
>On Tue, 28 Oct 1997, Glen Mcbride wrote:
>> >Umm... If you read the date & recived headers, they likely give the time
>> >with a timezone pegged on.  You can generally assume that that is the tz
>> >that the mailserver is in, and thus likely the writer lives in that tz.  A
>> >bit unrelible, but normaly good. 
>> Er. No.
>> Look at the headers in my email. I'm in Melbourne, Australia TZ=GMT+10
>> My POP mail server is in Santa Clara, CA, TZ=GMT-8. This mail most likely
>> left my employer via a machine in Billerica, MA TZ=GMT-5. There may be more
>> machines where this email got ping-ponged around.
>Odd.  Your headers say that your computer is in +1100 (from the date feild),
>but your smtp server is in -0800, but then it went to the listserver in
>-0500, and to me, also in -0500.  So I would have been an hour off.  Does
>the tz setting on your computer corospond properly to it's position?
>	-=- James Mastros

Ok, you got me there. My machine is GMT+11 because of Daylight saving :-)


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