[rc5] team registration question

Alain Brasseur alain.brasseur at ulg.ac.be
Thu Oct 30 09:52:31 EST 1997

On Wed, 29 Oct 97 22:49:04 -0600, you wrote:

>>I notice that the 'register a team' link from the rc5stats page is now
>>live, and was wondering, since the team list still 404s, if it's safe to
>>go ahead and register a team, or if doing so would leave the data
>>suspended in a cyberspatial limbo? :)
>Go ahead and start. Then, search for your EMail ID and request a password. Go
>back, after you've received the password and search for your EMail ID again.
>Then enter your password and select Edit Pr<something>. From there you can
>add yourself to your newly formed team.
I have done that but when i try to 'Choose from list',i got this
The query file C:\RC5Web\empickteam.idc could not be openned. The file
may not exist or you may have insufficient permission to open the file


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