[rc5] [admin] Stats, and Teams, and Blocks! Oh My!

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Thu Oct 30 09:36:35 EST 1997

'Mikus Grinbergs' said previously:

| I liked the RC5-56 methodology, where each member could individually
| update the rc5.ini file to specify "team I belong to".
| Now one has to go through a central registry, with passwords and
| whatnot.  Bureaucracy lives !!

Part of the problem was that it could be nearly impossible to identify 
what *individual* actually found the key with the old setup, so that they
could be credited with finding the key.  The finest resolution you had
was team-level resolution.  

This new format allows tracking of individuals and of teams.  This also
should solve the problem of typos keeping blocks from being credited to
the appropriate team.  For instance, there were people who were trying
to be a part of the LinuxNET.org effort, but due to typos, were
submitting under names like "lnux at linuxnet.org" or "linux at linuxorg.net"
or whatever.

Call it bureaucracy, but I view it more as organization and streamlining.

It'd be nice if you could configure your team affiliation from the client
though, perhaps with a password or email verification to authenticate 
your choice.  Perhaps that's a feature to throw in the V3 client?  :-)
(Did someone say "Feature creep?"  ;-)


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