[rc5] Problems with HP client

Ted Rathkopf trathkopf at bigfoot.com
Thu Oct 30 11:06:56 EST 1997

I'm having some problems with the HP client.  When I try to run it, I get the 
following errors.  Also below is some other useful information.

I am getting this problem on other machines too, on which I could successfully 
run the 56 bit client.

Any suggestions?

rathkopf at roach roach 8213 $ rc564.pa7k.hpux10 
/usr/lib/dld.sl: Invalid version for shared library: /usr/lib/libc.1
/usr/lib/dld.sl: Exec format error
ABORT instruction (core dumped)
rathkopf at roach roach 8214 $ rc564.pa8k.hpux10 
/usr/lib/dld.sl: Can't open shared library: /usr/lib/libc.1e
/usr/lib/dld.sl: No such file or directory
ABORT instruction (core dumped)
rathkopf at roach roach 8215 $ uname -a
HP-UX roach B.10.10 A 9000/879 1263015391 two-user license
rathkopf at roach roach 8216 $ file rc564.pa*
rc564.pa7k.hpux10:      PA-RISC1.1 shared executable dynamically linked -not stripped
rc564.pa8k.hpux10:      data

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