[rc5] Netware client

Steve Trottier STROTTIER at novell.com
Thu Oct 30 09:09:09 EST 1997

Can you type "set" then type "11" (for misc) and tell me what the values are
for each setting in there? You may have some unusual settings for CPU Hog
thresholds or thread switching.  Thanks.

>>> Michael Zieger <m.zieger at kem.ac.at> 10/30 8:39 AM >>>
At 22:16 29.10.97 -0800, lunaslide wrote:
>I am running the Netware client and it seems to be running fine.  
>Here is my ini file:
>Perhaps some more info about your setup would helpful.

I tried it with _your_ .ini, with no .ini and just setting the e-mail, with
the .ini I use on all other PCs (about 40)...
All the time it starts and immediately the server hangs. No more keys are
accepted, the RConsole drops me after some seconds, the server recognises a
"CPU hog" and restarts the server.

ideas? mike

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