[rc5] V3 Client request

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Thu Oct 30 11:02:56 EST 1997

I've got a feature request for the V3 client...

Could we have a means for each person to somehow number his/her machines,
so we can keep a somewhat accurate count of the number of machines actually
participating in the search? 

For instance, I have the client running on 7 different machines right now,
but because one of those is dynamic IP, and 5 of them are sharing one IP,
I get really whacked out IP counts in my stats.  :-)  If I could number 
each of them in the config file, then determining the number of hosts that
are participating becomes a snap.

It'd be nice if there were some way to do this automagically, but I don't
know of any foolproof method.


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