[rc5] Chess - Many possible boards

Tobias Bergmann bergmats at trick.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Thu Oct 30 18:45:57 EST 1997

Something about the problem of saving a list of all possible boards:

One piece has 64 possible positions on the board. Two pieces have 64*63
possible positions. So 32 pieces have 64*63*...*33 (<- yes it is a 33)
possible positions. With that in mind the upper limit of all possible
boards is:

 \     64!
  |  -------   = 497275065157795229721406525452498161822005325091061504
 /   (64-i)! 

This is about 2^178!
Of course there are some boards that aren't possible (e.g. a pawn has no
chance to get to the first row!) but there are quite *enough* possible
Does someone have a better guess about the total number of boards we
 to evaluate?

BTW we could compress this list (there are many redundancies in there
 successive boards have most of the pieces/positions in common) but I
expect this method to reduce the data so much that it would fit into any
*real world* storage system.
Some comments?


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