[rc5] Problems with HP client

Wes Shull wshull at scicom.com
Thu Oct 30 13:22:20 EST 1997

Ivo Janssen wrote:

> HP-UX roach B.10.10 A 9000/879 1263015391 two-user license

<<You have: OS: hpux10; Processor: hppa 9000

Conclusion: We have to wait for the pa9k client to come.
Hope they're working on it.
I have exactly the same problem....>>

I don't think so, unless HP added a PA-9000 processor when I wasn't 

HP 9000/xxx is the standard designation for HP's HP/UX-based PA-RISC 
machines.  Their other line is the HP 3000 series, which run some other 
mutant OS (as if HP/UX wasn't bad enough already...)

Pretty much any current non-PC HP box you'll see will be from the HP 9000 

Right now I have access to two 9000/715s, a 9000/720, and a 9000/819/K200. 
 All of these use PA-7xxx series processors, and unless your machine is 
fairly fast and recent, it probably does too.  If not, it's either ancient 
or uses PA-8xxx.

Could you and/or Ted Rathkopf try the "model" command?  I've found it to be 
slightly more detailed in some cases than "uname -a".  For example, on my 

> harrier 4: uname -a
> HP-UX harrier B.10.20 A 9000/819 7630351 two-user license
> harrier 5: model
> 9000/819/K200

Note that "uname -a" didn't give me the "K200" part, which is key to 
actually figuring out what you've got.

Unfortunately, it's really hard to distinguish models by just their 
internal HP number (e.g. "819") these days, unless you're an HP guru or 
seller...  Their web site is pretty much useless (poorly organized, too...)


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