[rc5] Minor bug in Win95 GUI client

Stephen J Gadsby sjgadsby at home-email.com
Thu Oct 30 20:32:53 EST 1997

   When running under Win95 (version 4.00.950a) with IE 4.0 (version 
4.71.1712.6) installed and Microsoft Family Logon as the primary network logon, 
the client hangs the computer during log out. The screen clears down to just 
the wallpaper, but proceeds no further. Pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL will bring up the 
Close Program box where rc564gui is listed as "Not Responding". Ending the task 
allows the logout to proceed normally, and the client reloads during the next 

   This is only a very minor inconvenience for me on my own Win95 machines, but 
may be a problem where hidden client operations are desired.

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