[rc5] run minimized?

Jacques Exelrud exelrud at usa.net
Fri Oct 31 08:11:00 EST 1997

	No need.
	If you configured it to run ridden when autolaunched and automatically launch as a startup service then:
		rc564gui -run
	will run without the icon (as if rebooted the machine)
	I've aleady done this in 6 machines running 95.

	If you only click run ridden when autolaunched it wll run without the icon in NT also.

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Subject: 	Re: [rc5] run minimized?

> >I suggest you run the GUI version (rc564gui.exe). It's neat (and more 
> >matured?). It has a supplementary utility called GUICNTRL, which allows  you to
> >check/control the hidden client. So far I haven't had the problem  you
> >described below. 
> How to remove Cow face ;-) from Win95 bar ?

This is the most FAQ about this client! ;-)

The first time you run rc564gui.exe, the cow head appears at the system 
tray even if you have checked run hidden. You need to reboot your system. 
>From then on, it will run quietly, stably for days or weeks!

TwinTowers ||
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