[rc5] Weird.

Dave Avery cwax at pacbell.net
Fri Oct 31 12:40:27 EST 1997

Skip Huffman wrote:
> I have just started expanding my RC-5 cracking lab again and I am
> getting a strange response.
> I have four systems, only one has internet connection.  I run them from
> the same set of buffers and ini file.  I just noticed the -runoffline
> parameter so I added it to the three non-connected systems.  When I
> restart all four systems, I notice that they are all starting at about
> 14%  and all on the very same block.
> This does not seem right.
I expect you have a checkpoint file defined in a common .ini file. the
clients read the breakpoint file. 

I fyou want ti share the .ini (and who doesn't) you need to spec a
unique checkpoint file on the client command line

do rc564 -help for commandline options

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