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Brian Greul (Exch) bbraf08 at exch-imc.b-r.com
Fri Oct 31 15:09:46 EST 1997

It just seems like perhaps the priority for getting proxy clients up and
running might need some reordering.
I haven't seen the breakdown of the client types.
But my guess is that wintel clients account for a large percentage of
the machines in this project.

Further, I am not sure I understand the holdup on revising the code.
Unless they are going to tackle the http/proxy issue (which hasn't
worked yet) the change to handle 64 bit keys from 56 bit keys should
have been pretty simple.
It should have only involved a modification of a variable.
After all, personal proxy clients don't do anything other than act as a
buffer for people trapped behind a firewall.

I'd handle the issue myself, but specifications and source code have
been a little elusive.

Of course, I don't EXPECT anybody to do anything.... we are all
volunteers here.
But, if you are truly concerned with maintaining momentum then a little
promptness might be in order.
We are losing people on a daily basis.
For everyday that a client can't be run, you are going to lose a certain
percentage of that audience.
That's the unfortunate reality of population statistics.
Right now we can't afford to lose anyone (unless someone figures out how
to make cpu's crunch faster).

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>Folks, this is how distributed.net works. You are not going to get a
>release date in advance. Just check the ftp a couple times a day. Whining
>and complaining isn't going to make anyone code any faster. The client page
>says that the clients are in the works, and you will have them just as soon
>as they are finished. Release dates are only discussed in the past tense.
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