[rc5] Mac client won't talk to personal proxy

dkelly at hiwaay.net dkelly at hiwaay.net
Fri Oct 31 18:34:14 EST 1997

I have a personal proxy running on FreeBSD and two Mac clients. Both 
Mac clients are running the 10/27 or 10/28 Plus release and 7.6.1. One 
has no trouble connecting to the PP, the other does. The one with 
problems is on the same router segment as the PP. Does that have 
anything to do with it? The one that works is a PowerCenter Pro, the 
one that doesn't is a 7200/120.

On the same LAN segment, I also can't get an Irix MIPS client to 
connect to the PP. All clients work directly (no PP) on telnet ports.
As for the Irix client, am guessing its too old to work correctly with 
personal proxies. Have been watching for a new one.

David Kelly N4HHE, dkelly at hiwaay.net
The human mind ordinarily operates at only ten percent of its
capacity -- the rest is overhead for the operating system.

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