[rc5] Why do we do this?

Davek blitter at geocities.com
Fri Oct 31 19:55:35 EST 1997

 I'm doing this for the concept of distributed computing, it just happens to be
cracking a crypto agorithm. I've always had the belief that my comupter should
be doing something when I'm not using it. I've always thought it was a waste to
leave my cpu idle. I ported a mud to the Amiga, just so my Amiga would have
something to do at nights. ;)

 Now with distributed.net and the future projects, I can always keep my
computer doing something useful. I could give a crap about RC5, but it was fun.
I look forward to being a (small)part of the fastest virtual computer on the

 Of course, now with the pressure with all these stats, I can no longer play
any games <g>
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