[rc5] 2 Lifetimes?

Jakin Heusinkveld jakin at execpc.com
Fri Oct 31 22:14:26 EST 1997

Things will speed up once all the Proxies are going...I know I
personally am only running at about 200 kkeys/s.  When I have my proxy
running I can recruit more machines and run at about 1.3 Mkeys/s.


> Michael Burman <michael at netsonic.fi> wrote:
> >From: Eric Leblanc <jughead at generation.net>
> >>Yeah, still 10000 days to go...
> >
> >More. 80000 days.
> Not quite - more like 55289 days for 100% completion, assuming our
> keyrate stays at yesterday's rate (3861230 kkeys/sec). That's still
> not in my lifetime, however - we'll need to recruit a *lot* more
> computers...
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