[rc5] RC5 Chips?

David N Murray dmurray at home.com
Fri Oct 31 23:28:39 EST 1997

You know, as I understand the point of this whole exercise (and RC5-56,
and breaking DES, and the RSA challenge in general) was to show the
government (USA) that current cryotographic standards area too weak, and
that a foreign government, with semi-unlimited resources (say, from oil
sales), could do break it in alot less time than "a bunch of hackers" 
(recent press quote) in a loosley knit organization, then I guess this is
how they would do it.  Right?  And I bet Doug's wondering if we can build
a card for $9.95US.


On 31 Oct 1997, Douglas Bitting wrote:

> OK, someone must have already thought of this, 'cuz I'm not terribly
> original...
> How hard would it be to fab a general RC5 chip which could chew through ~1
> key/clock? (imagine a chip that chews through 500Mkeys/sec).  Throw that
> chip (or a few) on a PCI card, write a driver, and hook that up to a client,
> and chew through something on order of N blocks per sec. per chip? (Where N
> is dependent upon clock speed and number of chips on a card).
> Obviously, this gets slightly beyond the "free, idle CPU cycles", but still
> would fall under the "distributed" effort.  This particular techno-geek
> finds the idea compelling... :-)
> Anyone thought this through beyond the wild fantasy idea stage?
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