[RC5] New Windows 95/NT GUI client available (build 400)

Jeff Lawson bovine at distributed.net
Wed Apr 1 23:19:37 EST 1998

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The new build 400 version of the Win32 GUI client is now available for
general download.  This GUI client will run on Windows 95 and NT4. 
This new version implements a number of significant changes that have
been suggested by our users.  Additionally, we have put this new
client under a fair amount of beta testing and are reasonably
confident of its quality.  The most significant changes include the
following (a more comprehensive list of gui-specific changes is
available in the gui-note.txt file included with the client):

- - all general improvements in the CLI build 400 client base, including
improved "end contest" and "start contest" signal detection.

- - improved installer that is significantly smaller than the previous
InstallShield based one, and additionally has improved installation
logic and additional flexibility during the install.

- - built-in client keyrate log graphing functionality.

- - system tray icon changes to reflect state.

- - main installer exe is in reality a zip file, enabling users to
manually extract 
specific files and manually install if they so desire.

- - main client executable is now a 8.3 filename to make installation
easier for users on systems without long filenames available.

All users are encouraged to upgrade to this new version as soon as it
is convenient.  The link to download the client is available at

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