[RC5] New stats feature suggestion

Jeff Lawson bovine at distributed.net
Thu Apr 2 00:04:06 EST 1998

The graphs had been taken over by another person and the "rc5 plots" link on
the sidebar of our main RC5 webpage has always pointed to them.  We have
recently made efforts to move them onto our main website and you can
currently retrieve them from


> greg at cnation.com,Internet writes:
> >I don't know how many remember, but for a time during RC5-56 (I think)
> >there was a horizontal plot on the main d.net webpage plotting
> the relative
> >speed of the project. It was taken out for some reason, but I think bring
> >it or something at least similar to this back would be a good idea.
> Hmm, did Bovine had too [I don't remember such] ? Well, atleast Cyberian
> and Infinite Monkeys had those nice plots on their website.
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