[RC5] Time to Completion

Isaac zarkon at concentric.net
Thu Apr 2 18:27:53 EST 1998

At 10:55 AM 4/1/1998 +0300, you wrote:
>Not so long time ago the estimate was 58 years (IIRC) . This should 
>give us some idea of how pessimistic these estimates really are :-)

I've got a spreadsheet running using 4 days of key rates to get a better
idea of our actual current key rate.  As of yesterday, we were just under
45 years left to finish at our current rate.  It can be pretty nuts.  The
other day, we had an almost double reported key rate which dropped us to 37
years for the whole space.

I think probably before we exhaust the keyspace, someone will figure out a
better way than brute force to crack the code.  Anyway, that's my two

I can't wait to see how these new Pentium II-400's and Mac G3's do on the
project. :o)

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